NA Tires was founded in 1987 to supply the racing market in Argentina. From humble beginnings, the company grew within the fast growing Argentinian racing market and has become the recognized standard maximum performance racing tire that other International manufacturers are measured by.

In the period since, NA has grown to become the largest racing tire supplier in all of Latin America.

The NA Racing Tires line up of offerings includes a wide range of sizes and compounds that can fulfill the specific needs of different series, race tracks and a wide variety of cars, including GT, Formula and Sports Racers.

From the beginning, the company has been dedicated to developing, designing, and producing the best racing tires possible to fulfill the needs of all levels of competition cars and the demands of the best drivers. 


The Factory - Cordoba - Argentina

NA Tires USA

NA Tires USA was established in 2015 to be the distributor for NA tires in the US and Canada.
The company located in the State of Florida US import the tires from the factory in Argentina.
The company has inventory in the US and also in Canada.

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