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Bob's Feedback after a weekend racing for the first time with NA tires in Calabogie, ON-Canada:
"The tires were awesome today. Placed 2nd overall in G70. Puts me in a good place for tomorrow's race. NA TIRES ROCK!!"
"Tires were great all weekend! Finished 1st in class. Thank you NA TIRES!"
Bob Patterson - ON - Canada - driver and team owner
David's feedback after racing a 3.5 hour endurance race at the Milwaukee Mile road course:

"My co driver did set a new track record for GT4 by right about 1 second! I was able to improve my lap time by about a second while trying to save the motor. I had roughly the same tire wear at that point to the last time we did the Enduro at the mile. 

I do know that the consistency of the tires was greatly improved over the Hoosiers. All the way until the end I felt I could push as hard as if they were new.

This was a huge help for someone that was struggling with a lot of other issues with the car. I knew I could trust the tires if anything to make lap time. 

In a normal situation I know I would be able to use these tires to become a more consistant driver. I do really hope I can get back out this year and be able to run hard on them and see their full potential!"

David Wessel - Wisconsin - USA - driver and team owner

Eric Nummelin - ON - Canada

"I went for it as hard as possible and I was very pleased with the high levels of grip and feedback.

The car was substantially more nimble than I had ever experienced before and I had to keep pushing the limits to see where they were as they were far higher than before.

One important thing I noticed was that the car pulled far harder coming out of the turns and substantially reduced the power on understeer it had. Part of this is the increased grip levels and part of this is the substantial reduction in camber which provides a much larger contact surface under acceleration.

As well, I was able to brake far later and harder into the corners. Superior braking and acceleration.

Besides that, After a 20 laps run the tires were still look brand new with only a small amount of graining on the inner edge of the front tire. I loved this shot as it really shows the tires and car working very hard.

I truly loved driving on the tires.

I am not exaggerating when I say that the car flat out flew through the tighter parts of the track."


Eric Nummelin - driver and team owner

"Talking about tires, we could prove this year that we made a very good decision changing from Pirelli to NA tires. The cost is lower, the performance is higher, and the durability is similar. Besides, the number of flat tires was drastically reduced as the drivers are getting used to the new tires. Thanks NA for your attention with the drivers and teams!"


Ismael Toresan – President of F1.6 organization


“We would like to thank NA tires for the opportunity to test and use the tires on our karts. Our successful performance is the result of years of hard work and confidence in our relationship. The results of the tires were above our expectations!”

Ramon F. Matias – Kart Driver

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